Phoenix and Scottsdale House Cash Buyer Clients- have sold their houses for cash to Scott since 1999. Below is some of the testimonials we have received from clients.

I live in Phoenix Arizona and owned a single family residence in Scottsdale Arizona that I have been renting out for 8 years. The renter informed me he was moving out. I did not want to interview another tenant because the home needed a roof. I did not want to put a new roof on the house for $7000. So I could not rent it out or sell it to a conventional or FHA buyer on the MLS. So I contacted Scott Roes at www.cashforyourhomeaz.com and we agreed on a fair price and my closing terms the same day. I did not have to repair or renovate anything. Thank you Scott for making selling my home fast, easy and free.

– A Happy Customer

“CashForYourHomeAZ.com” purchased my Scottsdale home of over 40 years for cash. I never thought I would be able to sell my Scottsdale house, I never remodeled the home and it was in original condition since 1957. I found CashForYourHomeAZ on the web. The closing process was easy fast and free. I did not have to fix or repair the house. Scott bought my home in “as-is” condition for cash and even let me lease it back for several months. It was the perfect outcome because I was able to pay off all debt and move to another state.  Scott and his team at CashForYourHomeAZ did a wonderful job!

Ramona L.  – Scottsdale,Arizona


“We were very surprised by Scott’s offer at CashForYourHomeAZ. We where recommended to Scott and wanted our unwanted home sold quickly for cash.We received more money for our Paradise Valley home than we expected and had zero closing cost.We were able to get the cash for our home in a little over a week! “

Lori R. – Paradise Valley, Arizona

“Recently, I was in a position where I had to sell my Tempe house fast and Scott with CashForYourHomeAZwas my saving grace. He was a wonderful person to work with and a kind and caring individual. Scott had faith in me even though I lost my job. I feel like he was a real life saver. He was honest and sincere and he made me feel like he really cared. I would highly recommend CashForYourHomeAZto anyone.”

Rick P.-  Tempe, Arizona

“Scott at CashForYourHomeAZ.com helped my wife and I move out of our Chandler home after I retired. The house was just too much for us to maintain and I did not want to spend all of my retirement on maintaining my home. We also did not want to hassle with a Realtor and pay outrageous commissions. I’m very glad my son was able to find this website. With the cash we received from Scott, my wife and I were able to get a smaller and more manageable home as well as go on a few vacations!”

 Terrence F.– Chandler, Arizona

“Your site CashForYourHomeAZ.com was a live saver. I was able to sell my Phoenix home to Scott, avoid foreclosure and pay off my debt. Selling my Phoenix home relieved a mound of stress. I feel like I have a fresh new start. “

George V.– Phoenix, Arizona